Hello! Welcome to herdly.io!

Jul 12, 2021

Hello there! Welcome to herdly.io!  Yea, our web address is a little different - it's just "dot io" instead of "dot com."  No big deal.  You can just call us herdly. 

Our mission is to inspire excellence in the show ring and beyond, one student, one instructor, one lesson at a time. 

We're an educational site. Our product is online courses - but not just any course - these courses are taught by the leading breeders and feeders in the livestock business.  

This summer we're releasing our first three: 

Will Hilty teaches Breeding & Raising Show Pigs, The Heimer Hampshires Crew teaches Principles of Show Pig Success, and The Showman's Guide to Show Pig Health with Todd Price, DVM

We're starting with pigs, but each quarter we'll announce new instructors and new courses which will be added to the site and, while it will take some time, you better believe we'll be adding every species to the the course library.  

We also plan to bring you a load of free content to help your family achieve their goals. It will be found here on the blog, on our Facebook page, or our Instagram account.  

herdly.io is a product of husband and wife team, B.J. & Marlene Eick of Wooster, Ohio. You can connect with them and ask any questions you'd like. Just e-mail [email protected]

herdly.io offers video-based online courses in showing livestock, taught by the industry’s most talented breeders and feeders. We're here to help you win - in the show ring and beyond. 

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