Become more confident managing the health of your show pig projects. 


Let's face it. No one LIKES to think about the health challenges that can happen when you show pigs, but the best feeders know - if you want to win - your health program needs to be on point.

In this course, you'll learn the foundations of show pig health, how to observe, diagnose, prevent, and manage the most common show pig health challenges, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

Todd Price, DVM has worked as a swine veterinarian for 30 years in addition to running his own commercial and show pig operations. His teaching style is easy to follow and engaging. Everyone in the family will gain something from his wisdom!

This Course Includes:

• 24 video lessons

• 4+ hours of video content

• On-demand access. Stream it from any device!

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What's Inside the Course?

Just like your favorite TV show, new modules will be released each week from 9/8 through 10/15 and will remain available for streaming anytime, anywhere, on-demand once released. Watch videos. Learn from the best and improve your chances of success! 

Module 1: Introduction & Goals

3 Video Lessons 

In this module, you'll get to know Dr. Price, hear about his passion for the pork industry, and learn how show pig projects are connected to food production.  You'll also receive an introduction to Pork Quality Assurance, understand it's importance to the project, and know why every market hog exhibitor is required to attend PQA training. 

Module 2: Foundations of Show Pig Health

5 Video Lessons

Learn how housing effects show pig health and gain the principle knowledge you need to ensure pig health in any facility.  Get the "Show Pig Health Kit" and know exactly what tools you'll need to ensure the health of your project. Learn to build a relationship with your vet and your breeder that will maximize your success this show season. 

Module 3: Receiving Show Pigs 

4 Video Lessons

Receiving, or the period you bring your project home, is the most critical portion of the project. In this module you'll become comfortable with the health processes and protocols you should be following to ensure your pigs get off to a healthy start. 

Module 4: Managing Health Through the Project

5 Video Lessons

In this module, Dr. Price walks you through the course of the project and addresses the most common management issues of the show pig project including castration, de-worming, managing external parasites, and promoting the structural integrity of your project. 

BONUS CONTENT: Dr. Price discusses the importance of structural integrity in selection and shares the benefits of trimming feet for show pigs. 

Module 5: Common Show Pig Health Challenges

4 Video Lessons

If you show pigs, it's almost inevitable you will encounter a health challenge at some point in the show season. In this module, you'll learn to diagnose and treat (with the cooperation of your veterinarian) respiratory and digestive challenges as well as skin and hair issues, red eyes, fat glands and other common show pig diseases. 

Module 6: Veterinary Treatment & Your Show Pig Project

3 Video Lessons

In this module you'll learn systems for accurate record-keeping, gain confidence in the best practices for drug storage, understand withdrawal periods, and become prepared to manage forms you'll need for your market projects, such as a Drug Use Notification Form, or affidavit. 

You'll also become comfortable with different treatment methods such as intramuscular and subcutaneaous injection and learn how a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) may be useful for your project. 

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"These modules are fantastic! I would recommend to anyone getting started with a pig project!"

Deanna W.

"These videos are HUGE! Being able to tap into this level of experience is a game changer!"

Dillan H. 

"I showed growing up and I'm starting over with my son now. The game has certainly changed. Thank you so much for this!"

Jodie D. 

In this course, you'll learn to...

Observe Pig Health and Diagnose Problems

Gain confidence in your ability to find and diagnose health issues with your project and know exactly when it's time to call the vet!

Build a Relationship with Your Veterinarian

If you show livestock, it's inevitable that you'll need to work with a veterinarian. Learn how to maximize this relationship for the success of your project. 

Prevent and Treat the Most Common Show Pig Health Challenges

Learn how to protect the health of your project through vaccination and biosecurity, and how to prevent, diagnose and treat common health issues.  

Take Better Care of Your Pigs

This course is for you if you can say "Yes" to ANY of the following:
  • You're new to caring for show pigs
  • Your family is in your first four or five years of 4-H
  • You've experienced health problems with past projects
  • You have been disappointed in pig growth or performance in the past
  • You don't have a strong relationship with a veterinarian 
  • You aren't 100% confident in your worming, vaccination, or  health management of the project
  • You question whether or not pigs are feeling well
  • You question when it's time to call the vet for a health concern
Buy Now - $99

Watch Video Lessons for the Entire Family

This course has something for everyone, from the novice exhibitor to tips for seasoned show families!

Learn From the Best!

Aimee Inskeep is a nationally renowned showmanship judge with a passion for helping exhibitors and their families achieve their goals. 

Crush Your Family's Project Goals

Winning looks different for every family. This course will help you set goals you can achieve and gives you the knowledge you need to meet them.