From your first show to the final drive, everyone needs a little help along the way.

 "The HH Crew Teaches Principles of Show Pig Success" is an online course designed to give you confidence in your abilities with your show pig project, whether it's your first year as a 4-H family or you're ready to hit the ring for your final show season. 

You'll learn show barn setup, tips for selection, the perfect process for receiving and daily care, plus the best feeding program for starting and growing your next show pig, and MUCH MORE!

The course includes:

• More than 40 video lessons

• Over six hours of instruction from Brent "Boots" Boland, along with Jesse Heimer and Karl Peter.

• On-demand access. Stream it from any device.

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In this course, you'll learn to...

Select a Winning Show Pig Project

Gain confidence in selecting and working with show pig providers to identify the right animal for your next project.

Feed Like a Champion

Learn the principles of receiving and feeding show pigs to ensure your project animal gets off to a great start and maximizes its genetic potential through the growing period.

Unlock the Habits of the Most Successful Show Families

Learn how the most successful show families set goals, establish routines, and develop support systems to foster a great experience with every project.

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"This course could cut years off the learning curve for families that show pigs." 

- Brent "Boots" Boland


When it comes to your show pig project, you're supposed to learn by doing - and you most certainly will. But, how long will it take and how many mistakes will you make along the way?

Everyone who shows livestock starts on a level playing field. We all know nothing when we begin, but the most successful show families will tell you they didn't just learn from their mistakes. They had someone who helped them along the way. 

What if you could avoid many of the most common mistakes people make with their pig project? What if you had a resource at your fingertips that would guide you to cut years off your show pig learning curve? What if that resource was one of the winningest firms in the show pig business? 

That's what you'll find inside "The HH Crew Teaches Principles of Show Pig Success." 

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction & Goals

In this module, you'll learn the goals of the course and get an introduction to Jesse Heimer, Brent "Boots" Boland, and Karl Peter that will inspire you to pursue your show pig project with passion.

Module 2: Selecting a Show Pig

A successful show pig project starts with selection. In this module you'll learn about the most common mistakes families make in the selection process and gain tips and insights that will help you get a strong start with your next show pig.

Taught by Jesse Heimer, Brent "Boots" Boland and Karl Peter

Module 3: Show Pig Housing

Raising show pigs can be a lot of work, but the right facility can make things easier while also ensuring the health and wellness of your project animals. 

In this module Boots will guide you through the foundations of proper housing for your show pig project so you can best care for your pigs no matter your budget. 

Tour two unique show barns - on different ends of the budget spectrum - and learn how you can setup the perfect place to keep your project, whether you're working with existing facilities or building something new.

Taught by Brent "Boots" Boland

Module 4: Essential Show Pig Equipment

This module is tailored to new families, but will be a great resources for growing 4-H members who are ready to take the lead. 

Learn about the essential equipment needed to have a successful show pig project. 

Taught by Brent "Boots" Boland

Module 5: Receiving Show Pigs

The first 30 days you own your show pig are quite possibly the most important 30 days of its life. 

Learn how to receive and manage your pigs to ensure your project starts on a strong foundation.

Taught by Brent "Boots" Boland

Module 6: Health & Biosecurity

Healthy animals are the foundation of every successful project. Learn how to observe the health of your show pigs and know when it's time to ask for help. 

Taught by Karl Peter

Module 7: Establishing a Daily Care Routine

Whether you want to win the big event or make the cut for the first time, if you want to meet your goals with your show pig project, you're going to need to establish a strong routine for daily care. 

In this module, Boots shares his daily care routine and breaks down the daily processes and habits shared by the most successful show families in the country.

Taught by Brent "Boots" Boland

Module 8: Feeding Show Pigs

If you've ever had a question about feeding show pigs, you're not alone. In fact, feeding is without a doubt one of the most intimidating parts of the project - but it doesn't have to be.

In this module Boots shares the basics of feeding and presents a pathway for understanding the principles of growing your show pigs and avoiding the most common mistakes show pig feeders make.

Taught by Brent "Boots" Boland

*This module covers feeding from receiving through 200 lbs. with the goal of ensuring your project is poised for your breeder or project leader to help you make the final push to your target show.

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