Do You Dream of Raising Champion Livestock? 

If so, you know it's a long journey from the breeding pen to the banner - and there are so many pitfalls along the way. 

Not long ago, Will Hilty was a young man who shared that dream. Today he's one of the nation's leading show pig producers. 

Together with Will, we've built an online course that will guide you past the most common pitfalls in the show pig business. You will learn from his experience how to develop your own winning show pig program.



Meet Your Mentor 

What if you could spend three days asking one of the most successful breeders in the business every question you could think of - from mating to marketing and everything in between?

That's how the course was built.  It includes eight learning modules and more than 30 video lessons, all pre-recorded and available on-demand, on any device. 

This Course Includes:


• 34 Video Lessons

• 4+ hours of content

• On-demand access

Get lifetime, on-demand access to watch on any device. 

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What's Inside the Course? 

Module 1: Getting Started Raising Show Pigs

4 Video Lessons

Learn about the operation at Hilty Showpigs and see how Will's vision came to life through passion and hard work. 

You'll learn how to keep your head up when things don't go your way, how to decide what will be most important to the growth of your operation, how to make the most of your time, why it's critical to focus on building relationships and more. 

Module 2: Building Your Breeding Program

7 Video Lessons

See how Will Hilty built one of the most elite sow herds in the country and learn how to set goals for your breeding program, evaluate your sows, select matings, and more. 

Module 3: Using A.I. in Your Herd

4 Video Lessons

Learn how to evaluate A.I. sires, work with boar studs, manage the timing and logistics of breeding and checking heat, and more.

Module 4: Managing Your Sow Herd

4 Video Lessons

Learn how environment, health, and nutrition impact the management of your sow herd and hear how Will manages these factors in his herd. 

Module 5: Farrowing

4 Video Lessons

It all starts in the farrowing house. Learn how Will manages farrowing including working with different kinds of facilities, caring for sows, considerations for gilts, and more.

Module 6: Weaning & Nursery

4 Video Lessons

Learn how Will manages the weaning process and what steps he takes in the nursery phase of his show pig operation.

Module 7: Preparing to Sell Your Pigs

4 Video Lessons

Will discusses the chip barn, preparing for pig sales, picturing pigs, and more.

Module 8: Marketing Your Program

4 Video Lessons

Learn how Will views marketing for his program, why customer services and relationships are critical to long-term success and more! 

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In this course, you'll learn to...

Select the Right Boars

You only get one shot to make the right mating. Learn how Will built his now famous sow herd and have confidence you're making the right mating every time. 

Build a Program that Makes You Proud

What makes you different is what makes you successful. Learn to develop your own unique approach to genetics, herd management, marketing, and sales as Will shares from his own experience.

Sell 'em High

Earning more in the auction ring isn't easy and it doesn't happen overnight. Learn how Will created strong demand for his livestock and achieved his dream of raising pigs full time.

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