9 Things I Wish I would Have Known when I was Showing Livestock

Aug 10, 2023

When we're young, there is so much we don't realize. There is so much we can't possibly appreciate about our lives or our experiences. Only with hindsight can I say I've learned the lessons I'm sharing here. I hope by sharing them I can inspire families to spend more energy focusing on what will truly matter when your time in the ring comes to an end. - BJE

1. The most important thing you will gain from this experience will be the people you meet and the relationships you build. 

2. Showing at your county fair is just the beginning. There is a world full of opportunity, amazing experiences and incredible people beyond the local fairgrounds. 

3. You will need communications skills every single day for the rest of your life. Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you to grow them now - from giving reasons to presentations and sales contests to saying hello to that cute girl in the next aisle. 

4. If someone accuses someone of cheating, it's usually the accuser and not the "cheater" you want to watch out for in the long run. 

5. On any given day, most people are doing the best they can with what they've got. Don't be too quick to judge.

6. Look beyond the barn talk and drama and you might be surprised to learn that the people who have the most success are also the people who know the most about the project; and most of the time, they are the ones most willing to share what they've learned with you. 

7. No matter how they do in the show ring this year, some of the other kids in this experience with you just might become your co-workers, your closest friends or even your family. Always be kind to one another. 

8. Don't count yourself out. If you love it, you can learn it. And, one day, if you stick with it, your hard work will pay off. 

9. The people you spend your time with and the conversations you engage will shape your thoughts. Your thoughts will shape your life. Choose wisely.

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