7 Things Your Show Pig Provider Wishes You Knew

feeding Sep 19, 2023
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As show families, you pour your heart and soul into your project and livestock breeders do the same for their operation. No matter what your goals are, they want to see you succeed. In fact, their livelihood depends on it.

Here are 7 things show pig providers wish you knew that could help your family experience more success with your next project.

1. Pig health is the most important part of the project.   Ask anyone who raises show pigs and they'll tell you the same thing. If your pigs aren't healthy, you aren't going to win. Show pig health is critical for the performance and growth of the animal, and ultimately for the overall success of your project. 

2. Feeding doesn't have to be complicated. You want the best for your pigs and for your family, so it's always tempting to try more, do more, and be more aggressive, but the most effective feeding strategies are always relatively simple. 

3. Showmanship matters. Your ability to drive pigs and make them look their best in the ring can dramatically influence your placing in your breeding and market class. Show ring presentation is critical and that means that showmanship ability isn't just for showmanship class, it matters every time you enter the ring. 

4. Consistency is key. In everything you do, you must show up consistently. Feeding, weighing, working skin and hair; everything. There are no shortcuts and effort is often rewarded on show day! 

5. Breeders want to help (but they can't hold your hand.)  I'm saying this one for them.  Most of the breeders I know go out of their way to help their customers but, ultimately, your ability and your knowledge define how far you can go with your project. (That's why, at herdly, we're creating amazing courses to help your family learn!) 

6. Not every pig can win the show.  At the end of the day, we're all trying to get a piece of the prize, but only one pig comes out on top.  That doesn't make other animals any less valuable to the junior livestock program experience.  In fact, it's often the one that was difficult to feed, the one that just wouldn't drive, the one that caused us some headaches along the way that ends up teaching us the most.

7. No one controls the results of the show. That said, You are in complete control of the results of your project. Always remember to stay focused on your big goals - the ones beyond show ring placings - and keep the positives in play and you'll find the process to be much more rewarding for your entire family. 

When we buy show pigs, we expect a lot from the project and from the breeders who supply them. Keep these things in mind to set your next project up for success. 



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