LIVE Online Showmanship Workshop

10 Steps to Making the Final Drive

In this showmanship workshop with nationally renowned showmanship judge Aimee Inskeep and founder, B.J. Eick,  you'll learn about the show ring techniques and practice routines that can take you from getting the gate at your local fair to making the cut at the toughest hog shows on the planet.  

In this workshop, you'll learn...

10 Steps to Show Day Success

Learn the simple process the most successful stock show families use to ensure they're ending up on top when show day arrives. 

The Practice Routine of the Pros

Follow the practice routine Aimee Inskeep, nationally renowned showmanship judge and instructor of "Winning at Swine Showmanship" recommends for every family that shows pigs. 

Secret Exercises that Build Poise & Confidence

Getting to the final drive isn't easy, and when you do make it, it takes an extra measure of ability and self-confidence if you want one of those purple banners. Learn the best ways for your showman to gain confidence in minutes. 

Your Questions Answered!

Aimee Inskeep instructor of "Winning at Swine Showmanship"  will be LIVE to answer all your questions about showmanship AND we'll give you all the details on her course - available now at 

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10 Steps to Making the Final Drive

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