Help Your Family Master Showmanship

After watching Winning at Swine Showmanship, an online course from, your entire family will have more confidence with breaking and training pigs to drive, establishing a detailed practice routine, and knowing how to navigate the show ring so you can improve your placings in showmanship and market classes.  

This course is loaded with hands on demonstrations by nationally renowned showmanship judge Aimee Inskeep, Shaffer's Goldrush, Albany, Ind.

This course includes:  

• 28 Video Lessons

• 5 Hours of Video Content

• Lifetime, on-demand access. Stream it from any device!

PLUS: Loads of hands on demonstrations and a free course workbook! 

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What's Inside the Course?

Module 1: Know the Show Ring

7 Video Lessons

In this module, you'll get to know your instructor, Aimee Inskeep, as she guides you to understand how showmanship is crucial to the success of your show pig project, shares what the judge is looking for in showmanship class, and takes an in-depth look at how the show ring works and what you should be prepared for when you hit your class. 

Module 2: Foundations of Showmanship

9 Video Lessons

In this module, you'll take a look at showmanship tools, learn how to select a whip for your showman, how to use your whip, the secrets to taming pigs and breaking them to drive like a champion, PLUS you'll learn to develop a practice routine that will make you worthy of the final drive!

Module 3: The 5 Principles of Showmanship

5 Lessons

In this module, you'll gain in-depth experience with The 5 Principles of Swine Showmanship -the key factors judges are using to evaluate you in the ring. You'll see examples of each principle in practice and receive helpful tips for perfecting each principle before you get to the show!

Module 4: Showmanship Tips

7 Lessons

In this module, you'll receive tips for showmanship success based on your age division - Novice, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior, plus advice for parents with children in each of those divisions. BONUS: Aimee discusses a comprehensive list of "Trick Plays" judges use to sort tough classes and shares how to navigate each situation, PLUS a detailed list of questions, by age division, that judges might ask in showmanship.

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What People are Saying About

"These videos are HUGE! Being able to tap into this level of experience is a game changer!"

Dillan H.

"I showed growing up and I'm starting over with my son now. The game has certainly changed. Thank you so much for this!"

Jodie D.

"These videos are fantastic! I would recommend to anyone with a show pig project!" 

Deanna W.

Transform Your Show Ring Experience

This course is for you if: 

  • Your family is in your first year of showing pigs
  • Your showman is a Novice or Junior exhibitor
  • You are a more advanced family looking for a new perspective, tips, or expert advice to help gain an edge in the show ring
  • You are an intermediate exhibitor who wants to become more confident in your show ring style
  • You are a parent struggling to get your kids to follow your guidance about showing pigs
  • You are a parent or exhibitor who wants to gain more confidence in breaking, training, daily care, or navigating the show ring
  • You want to know what showmanship judges are looking for when your family steps into the ring
Buy Now - $99

Watch Video Lessons for the Entire Family

This course has something for everyone, from the novice exhibitor to tips for seasoned show families!

Learn From the Best!

Aimee Inskeep is a nationally renowned showmanship judge with a passion for helping exhibitors and their families achieve their goals. 

Crush Your Family's Project Goals

Winning looks different for every family. This course will help you set goals you can achieve and gives you the knowledge you need to meet them. 

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