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Most families who show livestock wish they could be more successful in the ring. With a subscription to herdly.io, your family will have access to video-based online courses from the industry’s most talented breeders and feeders to help you win. 


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herdly.io instructors have achieved success at the highest levels of the stock show business.  Inside of each course, you'll receive candid insights and honest approaches to help you achieve your goals.  Learn the real practices and real products that the best families are actually using to make their way to the final drive at shows of every level.  

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The herdly.io community is a place to ask questions, get answers, and network with other families who are working hard to meet their family's show ring goals.  Inside the community you'll find loads of bonus content from the herdly.io show barn, special offers from our sponsors, and best of all, you'll have an uplifting community where you can post photos and videos, ask questions and get answers about your show pig project!   

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"These videos are HUGE! Being able to tap into this level of experience is a game changer!"

Dillan H. 

"These modules are fantastic! I would recommend to anyone getting started with a pig project!"

Deanna W.

"I showed growing up and I'm starting over with my son now. The game has certainly changed. Thank you so much for this!"

Jodie D. 

New Courses and Instructors Added throughout the Year

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  • Breeding & Raising Show Pigs with Will Hilty
  • Principles of Show Pig Success with Brent Boland, featuring Jesse Heimer and Karl Peter
  • The Showman's Guide to Show Pig Health with Todd Price, DVM
  • Winning at Swine Showmanship w/Aimee Inskeep
  • Selecting Show Pigs w/Troy Sloan 

Upcoming Courses for 2022! [$594 Value]

  • Advanced Show Pig Feeding 
  • Show Pig Skin & Hair
  • Clipping Show Pigs
  • Going Showing: Hauling Show Pigs and Attending Shows
  • Ready for the Ring: Feed, Fill, Hydration, and Weight for the Final 48 Hours 
  • Parenting the Process: How to Guide Your Family's Livestock Experience
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