Fill your pens with the best pigs for your family. 

After watching the videos in Selecting Show Pigs, an online course from, your entire family will have more confidence navigating the process of buying show pigs. 

You'll learn how to evaluate prospect pigs and assess their potential and leave overwhelm behind as you consider all the variables that impact the success you'll have with your pig throughout the feeding period.  

This course is loaded with video samples of pigs and discussions on the art of selecting the best project for your family. Let nationally renowned breeder and judge Troy Sloan be your selection guide this season!

This course includes:  

• 27 Video Lessons

• 4+ Hours of Video Content

• Lifetime, on-demand access. Stream it from any device!

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What's Inside the Course?

Module 1: So You Want to Show Pigs?

6 Video Lessons

In this module, you'll get to know your instructor, Troy Sloan, as he guides you through all of the considerations your family should make before you select a project animal this show season. 

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Module 2: Buying Show Pigs

5 Video Lessons

In this module, you'll take a look at the process of buying pigs including deciding where to buy, working with show pig breeders, what to expect from your show pig provider, preparing for a pig visit, and tips for buying pigs in different sales scenarios. 

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Module 3: Evaluating Show Pigs

9 Video Lessons

This module is the core of the course content. Learn how to assess the potential of show pig prospects and how to avoid the most common issues keeping you from a placing pen before you place your bid!

See show pigs from every angle and learn how successful families fill their barn with quality pigs year after year without breaking the bank. 

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Module 4: Prospect Judging Classes

4 Video Judging Classes

4 Reasons Videos

In this module, you'll evaluate four prospect judging classes and hear a critique on each to help you improve your evaluation ability. 

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What People are Saying About

"These videos are great! My kids have been wanting to up their game and these videos have definitely helped!"

Larrissa H. - Kansas

"I showed growing up and I'm starting over with my son now. The game has certainly changed. Thank you so much for this!"

Jodie D. - Ohio

"We normally [try to] find videos on YouTube to watch, but this is much better!" 

Jonathan S. - California

Transform Your Show Ring Experience

This course is for you if you can say "Yes" to any of the following: 

  • Your family is in your first four years of showing pigs
  • You want to learn to see what the judges see
  • You want your showman to learn how to evaluate prospect pigs
  • You want to learn more show ring terminology 
  • You are a more advanced family looking for a new perspective, tips, or expert advice to help gain an edge in the show ring 
  • You are an intermediate exhibitor who wants to become more confident in your selection ability
  • You are a parent or senior exhibitor who wants to hear the advice nationally renowned judge offers regarding selection
  • You want to better understand what judges are looking for in the ring in 2022 and beyond
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Watch Video Lessons for the Entire Family

This course has something for everyone, from the novice exhibitor to tips for seasoned show families!

Learn From the Best!

Aimee Inskeep is a nationally renowned showmanship judge with a passion for helping exhibitors and their families achieve their goals. 

Crush Your Family's Project Goals

Winning looks different for every family. This course will help you set goals you can achieve and gives you the knowledge you need to meet them. 

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