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Summer show season is on the way. Gain the confidence you need to lead your family through the project and meet your goals with our expert-led video lessons.

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There is a Recipe for Show Ring Success... 

it's the knowledge you need to stop feeling...

  • Frustrated that feeding seems so complicated
  • Uncertain you've selected the best animals for your project 
  • Unsure about the process of raising and showing 
  • Nervous about show day preparation 
  • Anxious when it's time to hit the ring
  • Disappointed with your results  - in the ring - or with the growth of your family through the project

You don't have to wonder if you're doing it right. Join and get the knowledge you need to feel confident as a feeder and lead your family to success with your livestock projects. 

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Get the Information You Need to Make Your Show Pig Project More Successful. 

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More than 125 (and counting) instructional videos on Selection, Feeding, Show Barn Setup, Daily Care, Showmanship, Breeding & Raising and More!

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herdly instructors know what it takes to get to the backdrop - from the county fair to the biggest shows on the planet.

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Winning looks different for every family. helps you set goals you can achieve and gives you the knowledge you need to meet them. 

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Buy the Best Pigs for Your Budget

Select your next show pig with confidence.  In this course, you'll learn how to see and understand show pig design, know how to avoid the most common pitfalls of show pig selection and gain insights that will help you maximize your project budget.

4 Learning Modules • 23 Video Lessons

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Perfect Your Swine Showmanship Skills

After taking this course, you'll know the foundations of swine showmanship, the routines and habits the most successful showmen use, and you'll be able to navigate the ring like a pro at your next show!

4 Learning Modules • 24 Video Lessons

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Learn the Principles of Show Pig Success

In this course, you'll gain the tools you need to manage show pigs throughout the growing process.  You'll become more confident as a feeder knowing the processes and habits shared by the most successful show families in the country. 

8 Learning Modules • 58 Video Lessons

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Master Show Pig Health

Animal health is the foundation of every successful show pig project. In this course, you'll learn to observe, diagnose, prevent, and treat the most common health challenges you'll face with your show pig project. 

6 Learning Modules • 29 Video Lessons

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Build Your Own Show Pig Operation

In this online course, you'll learn how to build a breeding program that will unlock more success for your operation, whether you're getting ready for your first litter or you've been raising hogs for decades.

8 Learning Modules • 36 Video Lessons

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After watching the videos in Ready for the Ring, an online course from, presented by Weaver Livestock, your entire family will have confidence in your daily care routine, overcoming skin and hair challenges and preparing your pigs to enter the ring on show day! 

4 Learning Modules • 25 Video Lessons

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